Beef Heart Confit with Sous Vide Beets

This is actually something that I’ve had in the works for quite some time.  I had this idea way back in October of last year but never was able to find the time to get it going.  It was also difficult for me to get my hands on a quality grass fed beef heart as […]

Cajun Burgers with Carmelized Onions

It’s summertime so I’ve been grilling a lot recently and more specifically, I’ve been working on making a really great burger.   Ever since I discovered a cajun seasoning mixture for a smoked chicken, I’ve been putting it on almost everything and making burgers with the mix was an amazing game changer and it is […]

Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This is actually something that I’ve been playing with for months now.  I first tried it at my parents house in Colorado for new years dinner.  They had just built a fire pit in their new back yard and I thought what better way to not only enjoy a fire in the frigid temperatures, but […]

1500 Facebook Fan Giveaway

Hey everyone.  I’m super excited that my fan base has doubled over the last six months.  It really does seem like only yesterday that I had just over 100 fans.  It really is amazing that I’m reaching this many people with my journey.  As a huge thank you for all your continued support, I’m hosting […]