Spiced Cider Brined Head Cheese

This has been something that I’ve wanted to make for over 2 years now.  I first heard of headcheese from a friend of mine at the gym.  I was running a 12 week paleo challenge there, and he asked me what my take on headcheese was.  At the time I was dead against any and […]

Review: Beyond Bacon

The subject matter of this book is very close to my heart.  I know I’ve been up on the soapbox before about the importance of utilizing a nose to tail approach when eating.  To me, so many people are too far removed from where our food actually comes from.  Let me tell you,  the The Paleo […]

Day Trip to San Diego: Butchery, Pete’s Paleo, and Chefery

***Warning!!!  This post contains images of a whole pig being butchered.  Some people may find these images offensive as the animal still has it’s face attached.  Viewer discretion is advised.*** In the last year or so, I’ve become a big believer of not only eating animals that lived as healthy and happy as possible i.e. […]