Cold Brewed Coffee

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With the weather warming up, now is the time for me to switch from hot coffee in the morning to cold.  In the past, I would have just brewed coffee the normal way and let it come down in temperature naturally but a few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about cold brewing coffee.  He said that it was a lot smoother in flavor and definitely the way to go.  Since I talked to him about it, I noticed that there are a couple of companies selling cold brewed coffee in stores for in my mind, kind of a lot of money so I decided to give it a shot.

What I came up with is a cold brewed coffee method that makes a coffee concentrate rather than just a regular strength cup that traditional brewing makes.  This way you can customize how strong you want your coffee by diluting it with water or drinking it straight up.  I also added a couple of roughly chopped cinnamon sticks to the coffee while it was brewing to get the added benefit of blood sugar regulation and the illusion of sweetness that cinnamon gives.


Cold Brewed Coffee
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4 cups
  1. Combine organic coffee, cinnamon sticks and water in a large airtight glass container and stir to combine
  2. Seal container and leave on the counter to allow mixture to steep for at least 12 hours but up to 24 hours
  3. After coffee has properly steeped, pour mixture through a coffee filter or cheese cloth to separate the coffee grounds and cinnamon sticks
  4. Refrigerate coffee concentrate for up to 2 weeks

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  1. charles grashow says:
  2. This looks great, and just what is ordered up for summer! I can see pouring it over ice, and will experiment shortly.

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