Grilled Sardines in Herb Ghee

I have never had sardines before.  The initial thought of them conjures up images of tiny oily fish in a can.  Not too appetizing in my opinion, so I never even knew that they came in larger, fresher forms.  As it turns out, they’re pretty tasty albeit a little involved to prepare since they come […]

Pan Roasted Swordfish Steaks

There was a sale for wild, line caught swordfish steaks the other day so we decided to get a couple to try it out.   I’ve always been a fan of pan roasting and since swordfish steaks are particularly thick and not a very delicate fish, I thought this would be a great opportunity to […]

Broiled Lobster Tails in Herb Butter

The other day my girlfriend and I were taking a meat inventory of our freezer and found 4 wild caught lobster tails from the unexpected meat stockpile sale a few months ago.  I had completely forgotten about them so we pulled them out to cook up.  I had heard through a friend of mine that […]

Farmers Market Spring Veggie Medley with Wild Shrimp

Now that spring is officially here and more veggies are in season, I decided to make a veggie medley or succotash from the goodies I can pick up in my local farmers market in Mar Vista.  I have been attending this particular farmers market for almost two years.  It’s easily my favorite one in all […]

Smoked Paprika Oven Roasted Salmon

This is just a different way to look at salmon really.  I was getting tired of eating it either grilled on a cedar plank or poached in the salmon chowder recipe from Everyday Paleo.  Although I love both recipes, I wanted to think a little outside the box and apply my long standing obsession of […]